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Why I Work From Home…

I am on a mission to enhance the lives of those around me, and to help those who want to travel their journey of health and wellness. I want to make the environment and homes a safer place to be and put preventable diseases and illnesses to rest. I want to make a change for […]

Are you getting enough water??

How much water are you drinking in a day? Are you making a guess or is that an exact number? Most people do not drink enough water, and wonder why they aren’t losing weight.  In any diet, water intake is the most important component in fat loss and keeping it off. You heard that right… […]

Ever Wonder Why Losing Weight Is So Hard?

There are so many variables to weight loss, that it’s almost impossible to lose or maintain a healthy weight. Here is an awesome article to help you wrap your head around it! Share this with your friends!

I couldn’t believe it myself….

The amount of disease causing chemicals that are in our everyday household products is astounding. And it’s not just the single use we have to look at, every day we are exposed to this stuff.  Do you use Tide?  Gain?  Palmolive?  Take a look at this! Share this with your friends!