With only 3 months left on my maternity leave, I was starting to panic. I spent hours and hours scouring the internet for ways to make money… any way possible to avoid putting my daughter in daycare… losing over 40 hours a week of the parenting I pride myself in. I have ads posted to babysit other children, I have looked into part time employment outside hubby’s work hours. $10 an hour for 4 hour shifts just didn’t seem worth leaving the house for.

And that is when I realized, there is a ton of ways to have that extra cash we needed so badly!

Not only are there genuine work from home opportunities, but some of them actually save you money on the things you have to purchase anyways.  And with a bit of savvy, and a ton of hard work I set myself up for a healthier, brighter and more financially stable future.  For myself, for my hubby and most importantly my daughter.

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